Lifetime Achievement Award

About the Award

Intended to recognize a person who has devoted his or her life to work in film, the recipients of the Imago Lifetime Achievement Award have produced a body of work that encourages us to think more deeply about social justice and contributes to the ongoing conversation concerning faith in the arts.

Martin Sheen (2014)

Martin Sheen has portrayed characters in complex films and television series that engage our hopes and fears: Badlands, Apocalypse Now, Wall Street, The West Wing, and The Way.  His deft work as a performer causes audiences to continue to think about his nuanced characters long after the end of the films.  With his commitment to his art and activism, Sheen lives out his Catholic faith in an effort to change the world.

Denzel Washington (2015)

Denzel Washington has become a versatile actor well known for films such as Glory, The Pelican Brief, and Safe House.  Although considered a Hollywood superstar, he has never shied away from roles that stretch him and challenge audiences with big ideas: Malcolm X, Philadelphia, and Flight.  Throughout his life and career, Washington has been an advocate for the Boys & Girls Club and an outspoken believer who recognizes that faith changes lives.

Ralph Winter (2016)

Ralph Winter has produced movies such as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Star Trek series as well as I, Robot, and The Giver, and has become well-known as an ethical leader.  Winter has led various workshops and classes for Biola University, Regent College, and Fuller Theological Seminary.  Generous with his time and humble in his spirit, Winter is a tireless advocate for good storytelling as a means of engaging important moral problems.